REMCO Marketing Resources, Inc
            Serving the power transmission,
      motion control and bearing industry for 30 years.

Oil Shear, Pnuematic and Electrically Operated Clutches and Brakes, Coupler Brakes, Motor Brakes and Servo Systems
High Performance Photoelectric Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Ultrasonic and Light Curtains
Worm, Right Angle Bevel, Parallel and Specialty Gearbox
Manufactures a wide range of Multifan axial fan products for agricultural (greenhouse, pork, poultry, dairy) and industrial applications.
Metal Arc Wear Plates for all applications
REMCO Marketing Resources      New River, AZ  85087        562-924-9227
Representing Lines for Conetic Resources in Arizona and New Mexico
Radials, Mounted, Needle, Spherical,
Water Pump, Agricultural Bearings and Bushings
Mechanical Push/Pull cables serving the Material Handling, Agricultural,Outdoor Power Equipment,Construction, Truck, Bus and RV Market
Variable Frequency Drives and Inverters, HMI'S
Brakes and clutches for electrical drives
Incremental and absolute Encoders, Linear Measuring Systems, Inclinometer, Counting Technology, Process Technology and Transmission Technology